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Illuminated shop signs

Making a good first impression

When it comes to company branding, if you are in the retail or service industries, nothing could be more important than your business signs. It sets the expectation of your potential customers before they’ve even walked through the door. Often the sign is the last thing that business owners think about when having their interior remodelled, or the shop fitters are giving your business a make over, but it’s the overall aesthetic of the frontage that attracts the customers in the first place.

Clean lines and attention to detail

Attention to detail is key whatever we produce. First impressions promote positive initial reactions from potential customers and reflect the identity of the brand, therefore, your sign must be visually impeccable. All our signs are unblemished. No fixings are visible. A flawless sign will resonate a flawless brand.

Illuminated signs

We manufacture a wide range of illuminated signage so getting the feel for your business will be no problem. We can even produce LED neon effect signs. These are far more efficient and longer lasting than the traditional neon signs.

contravision shop window graphics

Window graphics and one way vision film

Window graphics can be a great way to communicate messages to potential customers, or increase the customer experience as they approach your shop front. This can be achieved with a simple seasonal poster or window vinyl sticker, to full length window graphics. The down side to this is that you reduce natural light in your shop and restricting the view outside. One way to get the best of both worlds is to use Contravision. This is a perforated film which is black on the back and printable white on the front. From the front, it just looks like a normal poster or window graphic, however, from the back it looks like a window tinting film. This also gives the advantage of reducing bright light in the summer months.
contravision one way vision film