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importance of proper branding

Importance of building a strong brand identity

Nicholson Print, have a team of design specialists who can design for all types of print. Our team believe in working closely with you to fully understand your ideas and requirements to ensure your brand achieves the maximum impact. Using a range of the latest technology to produce high quality designs that will only enhance the look of your printing. When it comes to design, we understand the need for professional looking and high-quality printed items, and that’s one of the reasons we always go the extra mile for our customers.
Vehicle graphic design

Designing logos and branding for use on different media

Whatever your line of business, your logo and brand design will be placed on many things. Your products, business cards, web site, vehicles or possibly even bill boards, so having a logo that is instantly recognizable at whatever size it is, is incredibly important. Also another thing to consider is a monochrome version that could be used on single colour items such as screen printed or laser etched items.
proper logo design

Virtual mock-ups and product images

This image and all the ones below are all fake. Quite often it’s impossible to get good crisp images of a product for the purposes of using them in brochures and web sites. Perhaps you want to get started on the marketing before the product has been finalized. This is where virtual modelling and rendering comes into it’s own. May be it’s a housing development, or commercial units and you want to get started on producing the marketing literature.


CAD design near me

Using state of the art software, we can reproduce any machine or product part for rendering or reproducing on a 3D printer. See more->

Sometimes getting a good quality image for a product guide or promotional literature for larger items is next to impossible. It may be in a dark environment or confined space. This is where recreating the product or structure in CAD and artificially creating the images, this term is called a render.


photo realistic rendering
photo realistic rending for brochures and websites